2. Internationales Treffen der HuMUS Projektpartner

The second meeting of all partners involved in the EU-HuMUS project took place in Granada, Spain, 23th to 25th of January. The focus was on the planning and implementation of further workshops on site in the project regions as well as the signing of the EU Soil Manifesto, an agreement for the protection of land and soil throughout Europe and locally.

During the excursion to an organic almond plantation in the Sierra Nevada, it became clear which measures for local soils are becoming increasingly important for water management: The sowing of greening mixtures, the management of green growth through grazing and water-saving soil cultivation.

Planting between almond trees helps to build up soil fertility. If there is enough rainfall in the Sierra Nevada. This winter, only 40 l/sqm of precipitation fell, whereas the average should be 200 l/sqm.

For the Stuttgart city region, we are planning a series of workshops over the coming weeks and months. In these Workshops a wide variety of problems relating to soils and open spaces in our region, as well as opportunities for the ecological enhancement and protection of arable land will be presented and discussed.

Titel picture: Granada. Signing of the EU-soil manifesto with representatives of the EU Commission and the regional administration of Andalusia.